Life can be a palace of pleasure or a prison of pain depending on the challenges and tools we have available. For example, we have a countless number of programs (like a computer) within our being – some lie dormant for years until we’re confronted with them.

What Steven does is identify the programs that are acting as roadblocks in your life and clears them, releasing hindrances and opening you to new possibilities.

Steven has a very diverse skill set in the areas of:

These are just some of the topics that can be addressed one-on-one or in a group setting. (special rates available for group workshops)

Steven invites you to take the first step. . .
Search the site then call Steven with questions of how he can best serve your needs.

Many things in my life have been healed and forever…[spoiler]changed through my work with Steve Feldman. It is difficult to isolate them or put a label on it. But I can say that it has been magical at the very least. . . Most recently I have found a romantic partnership that I have always hoped for, but wasn’t ever able to open myself up to. I believe Steve’s work has largely helped me to clear away old self defeating patterns that have held me back for years. I have also learned to appreciate men on a much deeper level and thus am finally attracting love in my life in many forms. Thank you Steve for sharing your gifts.
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