Steven became interested in helping people in 1983 when he learned how to see auras, which increased his empathy for the human condition. This, along with the challenges he experienced as a child, inspired him to learn more about how he could help others.

Steve’s numerous health concerns such as allergies, asthma, depression, and digestive difficulties served as a springboard to learning and practicing alternative healing methods. For years, using conventional medicine didn’t provide the results he was looking for so he sought out answers trying to find the best books, methods, and healers available. Through a long process of self-evaluation and searching, he found exceptional teachers with vast skill sets that gave him an education far beyond what he would have received using traditional methods.

For the last 23 years, Steven has continued research and studies in the areas of standard and energetic anatomy, practical physiology, body mechanics, nutrition, and herbal medicine. Steven also studied multiple astrological models such as ancient, medieval, and contemporary astrology. This began the foundation for the branches of astrology such as natal, progression, transits, vocational, financial, horary, judicial and electional.   Steven finds medical astrology being the most useful for this work.

Other useful tools are muscle testing, such branches as Applied Kinesiology, touch for health, Bio-Kinesiology and contact reflex analysis, which went more in-depth into organ modification and remote viewing.