By making this purchase I agree to the following contract.

(I understand that Steven Feldman, Attain Your Dream llc., and it’s staff make no guarantees or promises to the outcome of any class or personal session. I understand that Steven Feldman recomends that I seek the expertise of a licences physician for the diagnosis and treatment of illness, injury, or disease. I further agree to release and hold harmless Steven Feldman, Attain Your Dream llc., and staff to any claims related to the outcome of my class or session. I understand that my appointment time has been set aside for me and I agree to give no less that 24 hours notice or I will be charged for the time booked. I understand I am the responsible party and agree to pay for all services, classes, and fee’s incured. There are no refunds on services or consultations. Steven Feldman reserves the right to record the audio from all phone sessions. Any information shared with him during the session is fully confidential and will not be used or released. Information is recorded for quality control and for personal references by Steven Feldman. Clients are responsible for additional time used and will be charged accordingly.)