Are you a doctor?

No, Steven doesn’t diagnose illness or give recommendations on the use of pharmaceuticals. Although he likes it when people are taking responsibility for their health by being well informed as to what they might be putting into their body. He accesses energetic imbalance in order to restore them to their normal equilibrium.

What are you doing?

In your presence or over the phone without physical contact, Steven uses intuition to tune into your challenges, the same way an electrician might test a circuit. Then once he has found the energy imbalance, he removes it and replaces it with a more favorable program. Like changing the out-of-date program in a computer.

What it is doing to me?

It’s eliminating the charge so you have better energy flow.

What can I expect?

It can help keep you from the treadmill of pain and suffering, whether it’s physical or emotional.

What if I know something is wrong but I can’t put my finger on it?

Steven can help you clarify what hinders you by the use of his intuitive skills. Example: Some people know things aren’t right, but don’t know how to find it. Steven zeros in on the problem and shares what he has found.

What value am I receiving?

High level of effectiveness through many years of experience working with teachers and over 3500 people.
Positive Life Change: It’s not uncommon for many people to experience a permanent life change when other avenues didn’t reach their satisfaction. Read testimonials.
Pain Elimination: On average 80% of the time, pain is gone within 15 minutes.
High Speed Exploration: Frequently Steven is able to immediately access need and course of action
Ability to see you holistically: Because Steven has studied so many systems, going to him is like going to 10-15 practitioners at once.