Love connecting

Helps you to recognize and free the programs that hinder you from living in love. Steven will teach you skills to stay focused on your goals and recognize hindrances before they set you back. He helps you to see how you can continually evolve and grow.

Grief and loss

Helps to eliminate the negative emotional charge that accompanies states of loss, such as:

• loss of a loved one
• a way of life
• a part of yourself
• particular object
• the ability to create your own reality.

Steven helps identify the negative emotional states related to your loss, so that you can feel then clear the grief, resulting in the life you were meant to live rather than being paralyzed by the pain.

Chronic or acute pain (both physical and emotional)

Steven identifies and eliminates the sources of pain. He helps to find solutions to issues that are causing the pain and helps keep it from recurring.

Efficiency and success in the work environment

Helps to establish goals, access strengths and weaknesses, as well as improve confidence, clarity, creativity and flexibility. Steven gives you the tools to handle current and future challenges.