Dear Steve,
I just wanted to express the degree of gratitude I have for you and the wonderful gift you have given to me through your remarkable skills


I have transformed into the woman I have always yearned to be; similar to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. You have released so many emotional blockages that previously seemed insurmountable because of the underlying anger I had carried and nurtured for so long.

Now I awake with a joy in my heart and an incredible love and sense of connection to my family and a greater connection to God and mankind than I ever imagine possible. I am also increasingly aware of my feminine essence and its incredible power.

Thank you so much for being the wonderful person that you are and for your commitment to continuously learning in order to better help others. I will always be indebted to you and the help you have provided to my entire family.

-Joanne Percic

Steve’s insights and abilities were instrumental in helping to solve emotional and energetic problems from past relationships, which manifested sexually between my husband and I. We communicate on a very high level, but we could not identify the root of the problem without Steve’s help.

-Aimee Ward

In 10 minutes with Steve I felt a greater ability to let love into my heart, more ease and peacefulness.

-Sarah Hanna

Steven Feldman helped me to define what I want in my life and I must say, six months later in my life was radically altered. I have a new job, all of my issues no longer plague me, The destiny I have been longing for is here.


To Whom It May Concern:

Several months ago, I received a healing session from Steven Feldman. I was having a problem from a long standing skin condition. I noticed immediate relief from the the problem and also many side issues such as temporary dizziness and loss of balance. I highly recommend Steve as a healer. I would use his services again without hesitation.

Yours Truly,

John Galvin